The co-organizational leaders for HomeGrown4H are:

Trisha Boyer

7734 Brian Loop, Lakeland, FL  33810


863-606-8770 home

863-529-7393 cell

Sonja Philip

1761 Holton Road, Lakeland, FL  33810

renee@philipdom.com (preferred method of communication)



For updates and information and general thoughts, please check out our blogs here

Basic Info

We are primarily, but not exclusively, a homeschool 4-H club.

Our regular "club" meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month see calendar for details.

at The Bible Presbyterian Church at 5635 NorthDaughtery Rd, not far from the N. Walmart.

4H is for youth ages 8-18 by Sept. 1st 2014.

Club yearly dues are $15 per  4-H member (age 8-18).  $5 for Cloverbuds ages 5-7, additionally, there is an insurance fee...  $1 per person OR$2 if you are involved in the horse project.Insurance must be paid prior to participation in any project. (checks/money orders written out to HomeGrown or cash is great too!)***

Each project meets at different times/days/# of meetings, depending On the project leader, who is a volunteer.

The mission statement of 4H is "TO MAKE THE BEST, BETTER".

It is all about learning new skills, leadership and community service.


I have received several emails from members with problems accessing the forum.  So if you can only see the home and calendar tabs:  Please note that Step 4 has two parts.  The first is to register for the site.  The second is to email me, Sonja (renee@philipdom.com).

If you dont email me, I dont know that you have registered and I cant get you activated on the site.  Everyone who wishes to be on this forum must have already registered with us.  This is the way we keep this group completely private and safe for its members.  I apologize if it seems somewhat cumbersome, but the alternative is worse, so please have patience.

Registration for the 2014-2015 4H year is now open.  Registration will stay open until the October meeting, on October 14, 2014.


Step 1

Please fill out the following form for your family

Family Form


Please fill out one of these forms for EACH of your 4H age student.  When you fill it out the first time, it will give you the option to fill go back and add another response.  Keep doing this until you have entered each of your students.

Student Form (for parent to fill out)


Step 2

You will also need to register with: Polk County 4H (please read all the instructions carefully).  Even if you filled this out last year, you must go and "reactivate" yourself and your students.  Enrollment/re-enrollment is open now!



Step 3


Please add up the amounts you need to bring (each membership fee/due for each student plus their insurance fee) and bring that with you to your first meeting.  Envelopes will be provided if necessary, but you can shorten your registration time by bringing an envelope with the following information already on it...

Parent Name

Student Name  Dues __________*  Insurance** _________ Total ___________

Student Name  Dues __________*  Insurance** _________ Total ___________

Student Name  Dues __________*  Insurance** _________ Total ___________


T-shirt $ _________________


Total ____________


*cloverbuds - $5, member - $15

** all members - $1, horse project - additional $1 per student


Step 4

Register for *this* forum.  If you are brandnew to HomeGrown4H or were not an active member last year, please click on the link at the top of this page and register.  You must use your FIRST and LAST name as your user name/sign in. Then, contact Sonja (renee@philipdom.com) and let her know you need to be activated.  If you were a member last year but you don't seem to have full access now, please contact Sonja (renee@philipdom.com) to have your account re-activated.



information.  Money will only be accepted .... at a meeting or by the Treasurers and their parents...Becky Brown/Savannah Brown or Kathy Hockenberry/Jarrett Hockenberry.  Please do not try to give your registration money to anyone else, as they wont be able to accept it.


Completion of these four steps is required to be a participating member in HomeGrown 4H.


To keep up with the latest club happenings....

Our beginning list of projects



Cake Decorating

Carnivorous Plants






Film Techniques

Forest Ecology (intro)

Marine Ecology



Sewing (Adv)

Story Telling

Interested Yet??






Madison Grode


Vice President:

Caleb Brown


Attendance Secretary:

Trinity Boothe


Minutes Secretary:

Anya Hockenberry


Bank Treasurer:

Savannah Brown


Meeting Treasurer:

Jarrett Hockenberry



Willow Boyer



Robert Grode


Community Service Officer:

Kayla Khoshnoodi


Event Officer:

Ariel Chenowith



Chandler Boyer


Clover Buddy:

Devin Khoshnoodi